Investor FAQs

Why invest with us?

We are New Jersey natives who understand the real estate market and neighborhoods in New Jersey and the surroundings areas better than anyone. We grew up here and we’ve invested our own money here. In the past two years, we have invested over $14 million in residential real estate in the South Jersey area, both as owners and as affiliated partners. With our deep experience comes the knowledge of where, when and how to invest in order to fulfill your personal real estate portfolio goals. Additionally, as owners of more than $14 million worth of investment properties, we understand what it means to make a smart investment. We analyze the risk and assess your investment as if it were our own.

How much money do I need?

The amount of money you need to begin investing in real estate depends on what type of investment you want to make, the length of time you want to be involved, the size of the investment, and your needs. At Pinnacle we will walk you through different types of investment options we have for you.

How does Pinnacle help me to select the right investment property?

First, our team of experts starts by getting to know you and your goals for investing in real estate. We ask the right questions to understand your current portfolio (if you have one), your current and previous investment method(s), and your risk tolerance and preferences. Then, our team of professionals research and perform financial analyses of all the properties and opportunities that fit your needs. We customize our recommendations based on your objectives and the property that can get you a maximum return on your investment.

Are these investments risky?

As with all types of investment, there is some risk. However, in general real estate investments are less volatile than other forms of investment, for instance the stock market. Our Pinnacle team is ready to identity and inform you of risks associated with any and all potential investments and to advise you on what your options are. Pinnacle’s risk-calculating investment philosophy is based on positive cash flow generation before value appreciation. We also encourage clients to buy assets in the path of development or in strong neighborhoods. Our associates can let you know if the property you are considering fits these criteria. Finally, Pinnacle recommends all clients have enough capital reserve for a rainy day. Our associates will advise you as to how much capital reserve you need to have for your specific portfolio of properties.

How does investing in Real Estate compare to traditional investing?

Investing in real estate is a form of portfolio diversification; it is an alternate asset class that does not directly correlate to or conflict with stocks. Many of Pinnacle’s clients choose to invest in real estate to balance risk and diversify their investment portfolio. On average, investing in real estate can also be less risky than investing in the stock market, partly because it allows you to utilize leverage to help amplify your return, real estate investments have highly favorable tax benefits compared to stock market investments.

Is there a limit to the number of deals that I can buy?

Yes and no; it depends on your financing, credit worthiness and debt-to-income ratio. Most lenders will limit buyers to having six homes on their credit report. Niche lenders can package eight properties in a commercial loan in order to free up your credit for more homes.

What if I don’t want to manage my properties?

Managing your properties requires a significant amount of time and attention. As investment property owners ourselves, we know how important a great property management team is to produce a profitable cash flow. Pinnacle offers in-house property management service that handle everything for you from leasing to maintenance.

Why choose Pinnacle?

We understand real estate investment on a deeper level than most companies. We currently own and manage our own portfolio of more than $14 million worth of investment properties. We understand the headaches and, more importantly, the rewards of investment properties, and we know from experience that one of the key factors of owning a profitable real estate investment is the quality of your property management team. Pinnacle’s approach was designed around this understanding. Our team is hard-working, experienced, and committed to earning your trust and respect. Whether you are looking for an alternative investment or to acquire an investment property, we have a practical, proven management method to help you get the most out of your investment.